Choosing a Dog Veterinarian

What kind of dog veterinarian should I choose? As a dog owner, you are not alone. On one hand, you count with a faithful quadruped; on the other hand, you will be in contact with other friends of dogs. In these circumstances, you exchange ideas and experiences, discuss problems and, most probably, you also talk about the veterinarians. One thing is certain: whoever has a dog, needs a veterinarian. Even when the dog's health is stable, he will need an injection; the specialist, who knows your dog well, will prescribe all the necessary products and/or medication. If you still haven't gone to a veterinarian yet, patiently ask other dog owner to orient you. Nevertheless, it always help to have some basic knowledge so as not to ask a chief veterinarian to cut your dog's nails. There are over thirty different kinds of specialized veterinarians! They range from bird specialists to fish experts; not to mention dietitians and microbiologists.

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