Choosing a Puppy & Bringing it Home

Until this chapter we have followed the development of the puppies as if they were born with us, and raised. But really, this happens only in rare occasions. Many peoples, most of them, does not raise the puppy, but buy it. This means they have had no control during the first two months of their lives (is not recommendable to take the puppies away from their mother before that time).When treating education, it could seem there's nothing related with choosing a puppy. Nevertheless, is very different to educate a healthy and well raised puppy, than one with many problems along his first weeks of life. Now that we know what imprinting is, we'll understand why is not possible to educate or train a dog that has never passed through this process, or have not done it properly. The same can be said, in a lower degree, of puppies that have not have an adequate following from the psychological point of view, or physical care. Definitely, before thinking about the puppy's education, apart from breed or size, it's important to find one with the adequate treatment during his first weeks. Undoubtedly, the best is to contact a reknown nursery.

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