Choosing a Puppy. How to choose a puppy

How to Choose a Puppy: Although it may seem that choosing a puppy is going to be a piece of cake, the reality is that it isn't. If you have a puppy in mind, meet the parents and their ascendants first to guide you on how to choose the puppy. This is done because the progenitors have a lot to do with the make up the anatomical, functional, and behavioral characteristics of the puppy in mind. The prenatal stages the puppy has gone through can be a determiner of the future behavior of the puppy in response to the genes he received. Once a puppy is born, his behavior will be the consequence of the maternal behavior due to genetic factors that stand out depending on the breed etc.This is why in order to get a puppy with good genes; it'sindispensable to make a choice that has been well thought through and to go to the reputable breeders, and asking for paper work on the puppy and its parents. Another factor to keep in mind is besides the puppy's paperwork, is that the puppy must look healthy and act vibrant, curious, have a good body as well as firm. Its eyes must be shiny and he should not be afraid of getting near people; he should be curious and not timid. Check to make sure the dog's tongue and inner ears are pink, and his coat must be soft and shiny looking. Don't get a puppy that has a sad look in its eyes, down, that is fearful and hides in dark places and runs to be alone. Don't get a puppy that looks like it has a weak body, swollen stomach, has bald spots on its coat, eczema on its skin or scabs. Unhealthy dogs also have a bad odor in their ears, mouth and breath, secretions in their eyes or ears. All of these details can be an indicator of a sick, unhealthy puppy. Check to make sure, if you are getting a male dog, that it has both of its testicles.Ask the breeder to give you all of the medical history of the puppy that says the puppy has been de-wormed, how many times, when it got vaccinated, and against what diseases it got vaccinated. Find out also if the puppy has ever been sick, if he has had bloody stools, etc.

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