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If you got your puppy near your home, maybe the breeder can recommend you a veterinarian. If not, ask your neighbors with dogs, who are their veterinarian. You can also choose the veterinarian closer to your house. This could be useful, specially in zones where there are only veterinarian for farm animals or horses, that are "big animals". Clinics for "small animals" have, usually, special equipment to treat them. All veterinary clinics have additional facilities, and all of them can hospitalize their patients. If possible, look online and phone the clinic to be informed of their working hours and to make an appointment, indicating your dog is a new patient. Be there on time and be patient if you have to wait; maybe there's an emergency and this could delay normal service for some time. A first examination of your dog at the moment he is vaccinated is recommended, or before if you think there is any reason for it. The veterinarian can make a basic examination of your dog, and find some problem that not even the breeder had noticed, like, for instance, a congenital heart disease. Though it's not usual, is better to detect something like this at an early age, instead of waiting for some other symptoms later. It's also the right time to ask him any questions you might have on your new pet. In some European countries there is an animal medical insurance. Considering the expensive costs to treat a dog after a traffic accident, for example, it's worth to have a policy. But, as usual, read the fine print of the contract carefully, thinking carefully about what is not included. Routine checking, as well as vaccines and castrations are not covered. An additional payment covers also third persons, which is interesting, because a dog owner can be sued, if his dog bites somebody or causes an accident; in some cases indemnification could be huge.

I'm worried about inoculation
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