Choosing and Adopting a Dog

Where can you adopt a cross breed dog? From acquaintances: If you get a dog from an acquaintance, you will know the required conditions for its maintenance. You will not be a stranger to the dog, which means it will be easier for it to get adapted to you. If it is a pup whose mother you know, then you can get an idea of the probable personality of your dog.

Through ads: There probably is one of those sections of dogs that are being given away in your local newspaper. Try and visit the breeder and ask for all the information available: the age, the reason they are giving it away, its size, or its parents size (in case you are going to get a pup).

From the Animal Shelter Rescue Society: Abandoned dogs or dogs that have been given away hope to find a home and are waiting in there. 80-90% of them are crossbreeds.

A puppy dog is easier to educate then an older dog, therefore you will have to be extra careful during the first months spent with the adopted dog. A grown up dog has already developed its personality and will need a lot of intuition to get used to its owner, and a great amount of patience in order to change its bad habits.

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