Choosing the Right Puppy

It isn't easy to pick an 8-or-9-week old puppy out of a litter of around 15. It is better if the person who is going to make the choice go with someone who already has some experience in the subject and can give helpful advice.

The puppy or puppies you choose must be cheerful and playful. So, if you notice that there are some puppies that are in the corner and shy, preferably not choose those, although you might feel pity for them.

It is important make sure that in your family everybody agrees with inviting a new member to the family. Otherwise, there can be a lot of arguments among the members of your family, with the risk that the animal notices that and forms an unfavorable character.

You have to be aware of the responsibilities that every person in the family will have, as the animal will be sharing all his time with you. There are many factors that are involved when choosing a puppy. These are the breed, the sex, the size, the character, that care that the dog requires as well as the reasons why you want the dog (to protect your house, to go hunting, to be a companion, to be a guide dog, etc.).

The puppy should never be under 1.5 months old before separating it from the mother. It is even better to wait until the second or third month.

Some specialists suggest that the purchase be done when the puppy is around the sixth or eighth month of life as it is, around this time, that emotional contact is established, allowing the animal to recognize the human beings and to avoid any shyness. Plus, the eating habits are formed around this time, and they also are ready to start their training. Remember that the younger the animal, the easier it is to train.

Another very important thing to bear in mind is the expenses that the new dog is going to mean. This goes from the cost of the animal itself to the day-to-day food, the veterinary expense, the beauty salon, the taxes, etc.

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