Choosing Puppy Name

Choosing your puppy's name: Itsbest if the name you choose for your puppyis short, having one or two syllables and that it does not sound similar to any other words so that you do not confuse the puppy. Make sure to always use the name you have chosen for you puppy when ever you are calling him to come to you, to play, to sleep, to eat, etc. Always receive your puppy with lots of affection, care and love and make sure to not make the mistake of calling the puppy to reprimand him since he needs to associate his name with something positive, not with the negative. Another important thing to remember is that puppies register sounds that repeat themselves and these all have a specific meaning to them. You will be able to obtain a good response as long as each word you use is used in a non-changing order. In the case of your puppy's name, you must always use his full name, not half his name to call on him. If your puppy seems to be taking a long time to respond to your calling him, put a long leash on him of about two meters long. Allow the puppy to walk off (while on the leash), and then call him, while at the same time lightly pulling on the leash your way. This way the puppy will quickly learn to come to your side, but keep in mind that until the puppy completely registers his name, he must receive loads of praise when he does listen and comes when you call. Make sure you never reprimand the puppy, and don't run after him if he does not respond to your call; doing this will just make the puppy think you want to play, and when he is older, every time you try to come near him, he will think you are playing and will run off thinking it is play time.

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