Chronic Renal Failure in Dog - insufficiency ?

Is it a symptom of the process of getting old? All dogs are more or less affected of a renal insufficiency in their older age. This is a progressive disease, and one of the first symptoms is fetid breathing (many times associated with dental cavities). The body has a great reserve of renal tissue working, but once level decreases to only 30% of the total available, renal insufficiency comes on, and products rejected by the body metabolism, that usually go out of the body, remain in the blood. There are many infectious causes for renal insufficiency, including canine infectious hepatitis, and leptospirosis. Your dog will drink more liquid, and will urinate more frequently. To diagnose this disease and determine its seriousness, the veterinarian might need a urine sample, which you can get placing beneath your dog a wide plastic dish. This kind of dishes is easier to use than bottles, and in any case you don't need a great amount of urine. Once you have the sample, pour it into a clean and dry container with a lid. Never use a can that once contained jam or any other substance, any remains of it can interfere in results. In cases of chronic renal insufficiency and possible Kidney Failure in Dogs, there's no efficient treatment. However, you can change the diet to improve your dog's health. You must reduce proteins level completely, though proteins must have a very high biological value due to the amino acids contained. Eggs for instance, are a valuable source of this protein. Maybe a supplement of vitamin B is necessary, because these hydro soluble compounds will be lost in increasing amounts through lungs. A nicotinic acid deficiency will turn the tongue black, typical symptom of a renal degeneration existing long ago. There may be some other changes, specially in the osseous system, in cases of a chronic renal insufficiency due to a kind of vitamin D, known as 1,25 DHCC that is synthesized in lungs, and acts in the intestines to regulate calcium absorption in that zone. Likewise, it has an influence in calcium reserves in the body. A similar compound that stimulates the medulla, is also produced by the lungs, and then anemia can arise, and some other complications, coming from renal insufficiency.

The Great Sacrifice

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