Cleaning Dog Ears. Taking care of your dog's ear.

It is important to check your dog's ears and keep his hearing conduct clean and aired out. Most breeds need to have the hair that grows inside their ears removed.In order to do this, you will need to lift the dog's ear and place it back stuck onto to his head so you can see inside the dog's ear clearly. If you notice that the hairs are not too greasy you can probably just pull them out with your hand by grabbing onto them tightly with your thumb and index finger andby pulling them out. If you are not able to pull them out with your hand you will need to use special dog tweezers or just normal tweezers.

Grab onto the hair inside the dog's ear with the tweezers (make sure to not put the tweezers in too far) and then pull them out very quickly by simultaneously rotating your hand. This is not the most enjoyable procedure for most dogs so you will need to make sure to get assistance to hold him still, even more so in the case of a dog that is at the beginning stages of an ear infection. Make sure to be very careful when pulling the dog's hairs out to not grab onto his skin, as it is very painful for the dog. This process should be done every time you groom your dog's coat. In the case of dogs that are very furry you can do this in between grooming schedules.

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