Cleaning Puppy Ears. How to clean dog ears and teeth.

You should clean your puppy's ears often using a paper towel or sometimes even a moist cotton ball. You must never stick anything inside his ear, because even the smallest cotton ball can damage you puppy's ear. If you find something brown and sticky while cleaning your dog's ear, or find it smelling bad call an adult and inform him that your dog has an infected ear and needs to be taken to the veterinarian.

Brushing a puppy dog teeth

dog ear cleaning

must get their teeth brushed like we do. Brushing his teeth won't be very difficult if you train him while he is young to do it. There is special toothpaste for dogs, and that's the only one that contains the ingredients your dog needs: this paste doesn't create foam or mint flavored, but on the other hand tastes like chicken or liver. You may use a finger toothbrush or one hanging on the tip of stick. You must brush his teeth and gums softly back and forth. Mouth cleaning mustn't last more than a few seconds until your puppy gets used to it, and when finishing remember to give him a treat for behaving well and allowing you to brush his teeth. Notice how in the future he won't give you any problems when wanting to brush his teeth later.

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