Cleaning Dog Nails and Dog Paws

Nails should only be cut when the dog doesn't wear them out on the pavement. Generally you deal with spurs, which don't wear out because they're too high up. When they develop in the form of a hook there's a danger of it in embedding in the paws or tangled in the collar, the dog may then suffer panic attack and then get hurt.

Nails are "alive" meaning they are full of veins and nerves, only the end is dead. Therefore when you cut them you have to be careful not to damage the live parts. If you're in doubt you should go to a veterinarian to get them cut.

Cleaning the paws is very important. The dog moves around them all day long, they're used very much. When there's bad weather or snow you need to wash them water and dry them every day. Make sure they don't have gum stuck on them, stones, splinters or other foreign objects.

Rear Cleaning

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