Cleanliness of your dogs ears and eyes

Eyes, are carefully cleaned in the morning with a paper towel, also every time that secretions form around that area. This occurs all the time with breeds that have fallen inferior eyelids, such as, Bassets or Saint Benards. It may be a bit harder to wipe; for they may appear to be bald spots or irritations; in this case you can use a wet cloth. In case of irritation, red eyes, teary eyes, photophobia and constant blinking, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Ears (especially if they are fallen): start off by cleaning them with a wet cloth when they come back from the street, and in the case of long haired dogs, brush them afterwards. You must regularly examine the inside of it's ears, at least once a week if it's a dog with long fallen ears and hairy. In this case you'll have to lift them and carefully clean the auditory canal using a soft cloth and a specific ear cleaning product that you can get in a specialized veterinarian shop. When you're cleaning your dog you can also use baby wipes. When cleaning the ears there's practically no danger of hurting the eardrum, since the ear-canal forms a right angle.

The reddening of the ear before cleaning it means you have to see a veterinarian. It will be wise for him to make the first ear inspection, to know how to do it properly.

Regular Dental Control

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