Clipping Trimming Dog Nails - Cutting Dog Nails - How to Clip Dog Nail

Dogs don'twear out their nails enough if they don't frequently walk along cobbled roads or dirt paths. Curiously, some dogs violently resist having their nails trimmed. That's why the first time it is necessary to place the animal in the correct position and hold him tight to avoid any bothersome agitation.When trimming, start with the middle toe and trim several times until you reach the right length. When trimming near the area of the root – perfectly visible when clean – there might a strong painful reaction. Do not keep on cutting! However, it is not a big drama if he sheds some blood. Do not forget the thumb nails, located further up. If you don't cut them, they will grow into the skin and produce severe and painful inflammations in the dog. If you allow your dog to sit on your furniture, it'd be best if you file down the nails. I recommend all breeders to trim your puppies' nails as soon as they're born, which doesn't present a problem because the roots are clearly visible. Actually, when breast feeding, the puppies will incrust their nails into their mother's breast, which can be very painful and produce swelling. When trimming the nails , the scissors have to be in a straight angle in relation to the nails, so the surface of the cut can be perpendicular.
Important: If your dog is not wearing down his nails enough, it means that he's not doing enough movement. Please try to take him out for regular walks: dogs are by nature active animals and not too homey. Besides, the exercise won't suit the owner bad – dogs are good for your health!

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