Companion Dog, Security Dogs and Respect

companion dog
Dogs need a companion … that's why they are friendly dogs. Naturally canines live in a pack. Staying in a group allows them to hunt larger preys, since they would be working as a team, give each other friendship and security. When a puppy is born inside a pack, many adults help the mother to protect and care for it. The same way you aunts and uncles help with you! Some times dogs are the only animal in the family, so they depend on us humans for companionship and entertainment. If in your house there is more than one dog, you must make an effort to play separately with each one, or else they will easily become friends and won't need you for fun or companionship.

Spend time with your puppy dog: It's very important that you dedicate time to your dog, mainly focusing on becoming close friends and training him. Imagine if a friend of yours just ignores you all day by watching television or any other time consuming activity leaving you out of it… your friendship wouldn't last long now would it? Puppies need us to teach them, play with them and keep them company. If you give your puppy any of these three everyday I'm sure he'll be glad to accompany you when you feel like doing something else such as watch television. Rest and let him rest

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