Control & Deviate Dog Aggression

Deviate dog aggression: Within dominating dog aggression we can also include in deviated dog aggression. When a dog finds himself willing to adopt a highly motivated behavior and is not able to do it, he can deviate this behavior toward another target. Lets imagine that a dog on a leash passes by another dog that threatens him; the leash obviously does not allow the dog to respond to his aggressive instincts, so he focuses his aggression on his owner or on another dog that is at his reach. The dog will go into conflict which will have been motivated by two simultaneous actions, the aggression towards the dog that threatened him, and the fact that the owner held him back and did not allow him to go about his wanted. This type of unusual behavior generally corresponds to dominance and the way to revert it is by training the dog to respond to commands. If there is a really big problem, you will want to consider putting a muzzle on the dog. Consistency, love andunderstanding can change the abnormal social behavior these dogs have.

Controlling dog aggressiveness

In order to control out of control aggressiveness in a dog it will be necessary to follow a program of training, teaching the dog to follow certain behaviors that are not as aggressive and adjusting the dogs response depending on the situation of the moment, not impulsively. The owner must not reinforce the dog in all the situations, but must keep his reactions under control with commands, attenuating the dog's behavior of compulsive aggression. All dogs are able to discern between something that is threatening and that deserves to be attacked and which does not, by rapidly evaluating the situation at the moment. Don't be guilty of making your dog dangerous and incompatible with society.

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