Cross Breed Dog - Mixed Breed Dogs

A grown up dog: If you decide to get a Cross Breed Dog that's already grown up, you have to bear in mind this animal has already developed a character and will have lived many experiences. This is why it is important to know the way the dog has been treated in the past; you can make some conclusions after this analysis:

Outer aspect: A healthy dog has shiny hair and bright eyes. Is the dog too thin? Is hair tangled up or weak? Does it have scars or wounds? Does it have watery eyes? All these characteristics denote lack of care.

You will have to: Caress it, be sweet to it, shower it and take it to the vet so your dog to take care of parasites and to get it vaccinations. These dogs usually turn out to be loyal and extremely sweet.

Behavior of a Cross Breed Dog: When you pick up the dog, watch the way it approaches its owner: if it does it wagging its tail or stands on two legs, it means there is a good relation between the dog and the master. However, if the dog approaches shyly and with a tense tail, and gets scared whenever anyone raises a hand, it means it has lived bad experiences. Try and make it come to you to caress it. Does turn aggressive? Does it go away?

You will have to: Show the dog you are trustable, with love and patience. Think thoroughly whether you will be able to do it or not, specially if it is your first dog. To take car of an aggressive dog you need a lot of experience: it has to be taught be peaceful so it does not harm anybody.

Our advice: Try and get the most information possible about the dog. If you take it to its former owner's house, ask him to tell you about sleeping and eating habits, fears, etc.

The more you adapt to your dog at the beginning, the easier the transition will be for it.

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