Cross Breed Dog Difficulties

It is sad, but true: cross breed dogs are not usually well treated by humans, and it is common that they bring negative experiences to your home, negative experiences that you will have to compensate with love and patience.

Cross Breed Dogs Problems: Almost all of the pups can turn out to be perfect pets if treated with love and dedication. Young dogs learn easily and trust the owner soon and bad experiences can be forgotten.

Taking the cross breed puppy away from its mother too soon:It is very important for the pup to remain with its mother for at least 8 weeks. If you have to take care of a four week old pup, then you will have to use a baby bottle.

Buy special milk for pups in a pet shop or get it fro the vet, and prepare to live a hard stressful life, for you will have to feed the puppy every 3 or 4 hours, even at night. You also have to make sure the pup's basket is warm. When the pup is 5 weeks old, it can start having a mixture of soft food and powdered milk. A pup that has been fed with a baby bottle is utterly dependent of people, and has not learnt to deal with other dogs. Try and get it to be in contact with other pups as soon as possible, for it has to see and imitate canine behavior.

Growing up without contact with people: It is said that if a dog has grown up without human contact, it is impossible to live with it. This is not completely true. According to experts "every dog is capable of socializing with man, even if the ideal age for this is 4-6 weeks"

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