Cross Breed Dog Hygiene

Your cross or mixed breed dog will need just the same care as a pure-breed one.
Combing and brushing: If you act with tact, your dog will probably consider hygiene as a way of showing your love for it. Short hair dogs are to be brushed once or twice a week, preferably with a natural bristles. Long hair dogs have to be combed first, with a tin comb, and then with a metallic one (of wide teeth) they have to be combed every day or at least every other day. If the hair is too entangled, try and disentangle it with your hands, if this is impossible, you will have to cut it.

Dog Haircuts: Keep always the dog's sight clear, cut the hair if it is too long and falling in front of the eyes. You can cut it yourself, and also take it to a special pet hairdresser.

Dog Bath: You don't need to wash your dog with shampoo more frequently than once a moth. You can bathe it without soap every day. The general rule is to do it whenever the dog smells badly or looks a bit too dirty. Use a special shampoo that doesn't harm eyes. Rub the dog with a towel after you finish and then use a cool-air hair drier or leave it in a warm place so it doesn't get sick.

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