Daring & Challenging Dogs

Challenging dogs: When a dog owner is not able to recognize the insinuated challenges of his or her dog or if he or she tries to discipline the animal, it makes the dog take it as reinforcement to a challenge, causing him to attack sometimes. A dog should not be allowed to dare you! The attitudes and techniques you need to use to revert the conduct of a dominating dog can be complex, because you will need to adjust the individual behavior of each animal to be able to modify his response.A dominating dog posses the ability to perceive the weaknesses of his owner and he will know how to use it to impose. Sometimes this happens in imperceptible ways and other by surprise. Whenever a puppy barker and aggressor runs into another puppy, don't hold him tightly by the leash and pull on him because this will only worsen the aggressiveness he feels and worsen the situation. Loosen the leash a little and observe the other dog; watch to make sure the other puppy or dog does not manifest himself with intentions to attack and then allow the two dogs to meet so that your puppy reverts at not seeing an aggressive signal from the other. Remember that when a dog owner gets frightened, the puppy picks up on it and it will only worsen his aggressiveness. It's also important the puppy learn to be around many other dogs at a time and not get scared about it. The way to handle this type of situation is by changing the daily interactions of behavior that exist between the owner and the dog in order to revert the dog's behavior. The dog owner might be under the impression that physical force can stop a dominating challenge, but this will only happen if the owner is capable of overcoming the challenge of the dog, which is improbable because of the level of intimidation the owner feels toward the animal and towards the possibility of getting attacked. In these types of cases it's recommended someone else that is capable of training and dominating the dog, not the dog owner himself who has lost authority and personality in front of his dog.

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