Dealing with Dogs Pulling the Leash

One of the most common problems in dogs is when they pull the leash. This can be due to boredom or excitement about something the dog likes, but it can also be a manifestation of his dominant behavior. Don't compete against your dog in terms of strength by pulling on the leash. If your dog pulls persistently, go back to the basic obedience orders and apply the solutions suggested there.

Sometimes, the leash itself actually incites the dog to pull. Therefore, it is important not to use it as an instrument of force. You should find out why the dog is pulling the leash before trying to get rid of this habit. Following are some tips to help you solve this problem:

1. Start walking with your dog on your left side, holding the leash with both hands. When the dog pulls it, slide your left hand up to the collar and pull firmly.

2. Once the dog is in the correct position, order him to "sit". Start walking, but this time giving the dog the order "next to me" and repeat it every time he pulls the leash.

3. As soon as the dog walks quietly next to you without pulling the leash, reward him with food. Little by little go increasing the distance you walk, but not the length of the sessions.

Other Solutions

Change Direction
When your dog pulls the leash, immediately surprise him by changing the direction. Congratulate him when he follows you.

Hand Signs
When your dog throws himself forwards, give him the order to "wait" and put your right hand in front of his snout. Hold the leash firmly with your left hand.

Pay No Attention to Resistance
Surround your waist with the leash attached to the collar. Hold it loose and order the dog to come next to you luring him with a food incentive.

Using the leash as a Harness
In order to keep the dog close and to reduce any tension to the dog's neck, use the leash as a harness.

Chewing and Climbing
For young dogs, leashes are like toys: they love chewing them and climbing up them. Sprinkle the leash with something bitter. When your dog bites it or climbs up it, the horrible taste will punish him more than your scolding.

Submissive Collapse
Some dogs collapse when they are given the "next to me" order, others take it as a game and start rolling on the floor. If your dog collapses, take a step backwards and wave a toy in front of the dog so as to incite him and induce him to get up.

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