Different Kinds of Owners

Education, socialization, a balance attitude towards the dog... are some of the things that will allow the owner to limit conflicts. Those things get taught differently based on the style or type of dog owner you are. It's necessary to know well each other, to adapt your own behavior to the dog's, and to elect a breed fit enough to the kind of education we want.Campbell made an owner's classification:

The Physically Dominant: This owner wants his dog to obey no matter what, and usually uses his power. A "HARD" breed will fit him if he can control himself.

The Dominant from the Vocal Point of View: He shouts when ordering. He doesn't need a fearful and kind dog, that will be completely scared. He needs a "stubborn" one, that doesn't care at all.

The Seducing: The owner gives in easily, pets his dog, and forgives him of everything to get a result. He will need an obedient dog by nature, that doesn't looks for force relations.

The Permissive: The owner fears to lost his dog's love and avoids imposing him any discipline rule. He will have to accept his errors or will fail inevitably.

The Ambivalent: The dog does not knows how to act, cause one day something is permitted, and the next day things change.

The Paranoid: Compares his dog's behavior with that of humans, and grants him human feelings. There is the problem!

The Innocent: Knows little about dogs, and follows everybody's advice. Help him, maybe he can make it well.

The Logic: The master uses common sense.

The Intractable: Never listens advices, and blocks in case of problems, that in consequence are never solved.

The Child: They may cause many problems, cause they are given too much responsibilities as owners.

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