Different options for games, inside or outside

Walks and playing, help to reinforce the connection with the dog and its owner. Later on I will indicate some options of ways to have fun with your dog, whether you are outside or in your home.

Options for games outside: During the walks there are good opportunities to enjoy the company of your dog. Generally speaking, you don't need to prepare before hand for this. There are so many possibilities of you can take advantage of, just use your imagination.

The read beds are suitable for the summer, when there is no water, so that the dog can learn to crawl through places and get familiarized with water. Start off with the lower shafts and then, if the dog is having fun, go on to the taller ones.

Tree trunks are not only to help the dog to keep its balance but to jump over them as well. Its owner can do this too. The orders to "sit" and "lay" over the tree, are a little harder.

Staked hay in the county-side or low fences are provoking to jump over. You can also make the dog jump over and then go underneath them.

Benches in the park, as the hay stack, are also fun to jump over and go underneath them. With the sticks, you can tie them into a stack, for the dog to carry. When you get to a place where the dog can play, untie the stack and allow the dog to bite and play with the sticks, you can also throw them and let it catch them.

The umbrella can be carried by the dog, as long as its not raining of course. But you must rescue it once in a while, for the dog will take this duty seriously and may not want to let go of it.

The Frisbee is also used for playing with the dog. In the pet shops, you'll find Frisbees with soft borders, in order for the dog not get hurt when it catches it. The dog must be seated, and only allowed to catch it when it's in the air. Some dogs take great pride in catching the Frisbee when it's high up in the air. Optional games to play inside

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