Different Types of Dog Games

The puppy plays in different known and classified ways. If we observe the puppy we will recognize the different modalities.

Social Games: It has the goal of establishing relationships between the mother and the puppy and between the other members of the herd. In the social game the mother can also be a part of the games as part of the group. Games consist of fighting and persecution. In persecution a puppy runs after another, runs, stops and dodges … Other social games are the playful combat and the game of possession, in which several puppies fight over an object. If the owner socially plays with the puppy, he must do it for a short time. Nevertheless, the owner must always win in the brawls and persecutions if he plays with the puppy. We must never forget the point of the game, and know that its not about just spending time with your dog.

Individual Games: The puppy can play alone with an object or any part of its body. There are three types of individual games: jumping type of movements, playing with a part of their body and the games with an object, which the dog shakes, bites and chases. The owner shall leave the dog do this without intervening. The puppy is playing alone: it needs it. So we must let it do that on its own.

Movement Games: The puppy discovers its own movements, its capacity to move its limbs. It begins to understand its body and how it can use it. The puppy jumps, falls, gets back up… These movements give him movement skill. The young one can play alone or with the owner. If it falls there is no need to console the puppy immediately, let it get up on its own.

Manipulation Games: These are usually carried on with objects. The puppy discovers the things that surround it: it smells the objects, pushes them, bites them, etc. This game has as an objective the exploration of the environment and its surroundings. It is important to give the puppy objects that are for him, and not let him do this with whatever he finds, like for example shoes.

Fighting Games and Persecution: The puppy knows that he is not fighting, but that he is play fighting. Those puppies that cannot realize the difference between fighting and play fighting develop important behavioral changes that lead him to a biting dog. In effect, one of the components of play fighting is the inhibition of biting. The puppy never bites while it plays. The owner who makes the puppy bite while it plays is making a big mistake. The puppy never adopts a threat behavior while play fighting.

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