Discipline Dog & Puppy Discipline

How to Administer Dog Discipline: Throughout the time you have lived with your puppy, you have should have taught him the basic structure of discipline. Because of the importance it represents to have a well disciplined dog or puppy, it is interesting to do a complete revision of the things the dog has already learned and been taught. This test consists in evaluating the dog's responses and level of interaction with his owner. Starting from this moment you will need to enhance the dog's responses in an orderly manner, and since training consists of a determined communication system between man and dog, there must exist a certain level of comprehension so that the dog does not carry out what he has been taught in a fearful or distrustful way. A good puppy discipline system must be in place. If you have taught your dog to walk on a leash in an orderly way, it is now the time to obtain the same, off the leash. You can work on this with the dog from different distances and by using signs or whistles. Discipline is something that must be well instilled in a dog in order for the dog to learn the commands you are going to teach him and to control his behavior. It is also important because it will give you full dominion over the dog's actions that will then help you contain the dog's impulses and create a feeling of dependency in humans. As soon as a puppy has turned seven or eight months of age, the puppy will not longer do all the same playful behavior. At this age the puppy has partially overcome this type of behavior and it is when the puppy is able to be taught by his owner. The puppy will be able then to develop all of the qualities he is capable of if he is treated and handled appropriately. If the puppy has been trained we will end up with a little student that is willing to please because his foundation has been built on a positive and firm base. This is precisely the perfect moment to affirm things so far by starting a more intense type of training in order to get our puppy to learn how to obey us unconditionally while at the same time motivated with a collaborative and affectionate spirit. Remember that it is important the puppy is never put in a situation that will cause him to become fearful by using force, doing this will only cost you the best friend a man could possibly ask for.

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