How to Discourage Dog to Dig. Keep a Dog From Digging Holes.

Is your backyard full of holes? Some types of dogs dig big holes while other canines prefer to dig smaller holes all over the place. Whatever the case, most dogs enjoy this digging activity and it is difficult to get them to stop. Sad to say, digging is one problem that is almost impossible to prevent or solve with training. (Training can reduce the amount though). It's important to be creative to help your dog beat this natural urge.

Why do dogs dig?

Dogs instinctively dig; they don't do this because they are trying to be dominant, or are out of control. Often times this behavior happens because they want a comfortable place to lie down, or because they enjoy the way the dirt smells, and dogs just love the feeling of dirt on their feet and toes. For some dogs this natural behavior is stronger than it is for others.Large Modular Dog Kennelswith cement floors are best to avoid digging. A lot of terrier breeds were bred to dig out vermin such as mice and rats etc. But a lot of dogs generally dig for physical reasons and also because of emotional reasons, perhaps your dog is bored, or he is might not be getting enough exercise, digging also keeps a dog cool on a hot day. Trying to find out the motives could help you with your dog's digging problem.

Dog boredom

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