Dog Temperaments VS Breed

Different pedigree breeds have been perfected aiming to produce some variations in the dog temperament. However. all of them have a natural tendency to socialize with men. The training methods don't necessarily mark a difference in temper.Hunting dogs as well as retrievers are relatively sensible to training if compared with others, like the Afghan, that has a great visual sharpness and is trained for hunting in long distances. Guardian dogs like the Rottweiler, are usually suspicious of foreigners, but very friendly with known people. Perhaps the less satisfactory group of dogs, do to their temper, to be used as domestic animals, are those specific fighting dogs, like the Staffordshire Bullterrier that easily irritated with children, as well as with other dogs; naturally, some are more tolerant than others but proper training can help overcome that tendency. Nevertheless, some temper disturbances can arise, specially in the most common breeds like the German Shepherd (formerly known as Alsatian or Wolf dog). Some breeds suffer from neurosis on a more regular basis than others, so you better ask breeders about this problem before buying a dog. For instance, it's easy to find temper problems in Cocker Spaniels, Dobermans and some other breeds. So better ask a veterinarian to be informed about when your dog is starting to show signs of aggressiveness.

Are some breeds more troublesome than others?

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