Do Dogs Smile?

I often hear the question, "do dogs smile?" and if so why? Well I believe that dogs do show many emotions and react to situations in a variety of ways. As with humans some dogs are more serious in nature while other dogs tend to be carefree and happy. But do dogs really smile? Well I guess that would depend on the observer. When I was a baby of about 5 months my Mother called my Father into the room to proudly show him that I was smiling. To which my Dad promptly said that, no I in fact just had gas. I have had dogs which were very affectionate and emotional, and I do believe that they had the ability to project their emotions on their faces. But I have also had dogs which were aloof and not very responsive to physical or emotional stimuli and as such were quite "stone faced".

And as far as answering the age old question of whether or not dogs smile I guess you will just have to give it a try. Smile at your dog and see if he doesn't smile back. As the old adage goes "frown and you frown alone, smile and the whole world smiles with you!"

Always remember that your connection with your dog is unique so if you believe that your dog is smiling at you don't let that belief be shaken by anything or anyone. But don't be disappointed if you never see your dog smile, just remember that if you show him love, he will respond to your love in the best way that he can.

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