Dog Skin Cancer Symptom. Cancer treatment for dogs. Tumors.

Most probably old dogs develop benign and malign tumors. The former grows relatively slow, and does not extend or invades other tissues, that's why, depending of his location in the body, it can be easily extirpated. Besides, new tumors are not developed after in other parts of the body, which is the opposite to malign tumors, this process known as metastasis. Skin is the most common place for dog's tumors; therefore it can be early detected. Another places prone to these tumors are the mammary glands of the female dogs.In this case, some studies have revealed that female dogs whose ovaries were extirpated before their first heat are 200 times less prone to develop these tumors than the others. Naturally, to compensate this, one of each ten young female dogs can develop urine incontinence afterwards, due to ovaries extirpation. Older dogs are each time more prone to tumors in these two places, but most of them are not malign. The incidence of most of malign tumors in dogs reaches its peak between seven and ten years of age, damaging the skeleton and the lymphatic system.

How is dog cancer treated?

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