Dog - Master Relationship

There are two important notions to understand the basis of owner-dog relations. They are ritual notions and pheromone notions.

Rituals are a group of conducts that help animals to communicate with men, and allow them to face some situations without using aggression. The dog has some reference points due to these rituals, and this allows him to understand what's happening around him. The absence of rituals in an owner-dog relation produces a situation of anxiety and aggressiveness. This is why, the puppy needs a life, relations and a stable environment. Take him out for a walk at the same hour, to the same place, doing the same things.. so he gets use to changes without fear. His life should be the same daily, with precise reference points.

The Pheromones: These are substances segregated by animals, though also by human beings, that produce a determined behavior in others. The most specific case is the marked conduct.

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