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Besides the basket, rag and food and water bowls, dogs need other dog accessories, such as a collar, brushes, some toiletries, a muzzle and of course someDog Toys.

The Fancy Dog Collars: These depend on the size of the dog, the breed and the job of it. (guard, defense, rescue, etc.) They can be made of nylon, leather or metal. The ones made of nylon are good for companion dogs. The ones that are made of metal are good for training; they have to have a good quality, so they don't hurt the animal. Once a dog has got used to wearing a metal collar, it cannot get used to wearing a leather one, for their muscular development will have been great, and they will be less sensitive to correction. This is why it is recommendable for the pup to wear a leather collar, until it is 5 months.

The Dog harness: This accessory is not used for training, for the dog will just pull the owner to go to any place. I is recommendable for pulling dogs, and only for training and competitions. A harness avoids any kind of problem in the neck, for it distributes the force all over the body instead of directly to it. Take the time to teach the dog not to be so impatient when it is wearing the collar instead of the harness.

Dog house: Adog houseor adog kennelor most essential to your dog's life an well being.

Dog Toiletry: A special shampoo is essential, for people have different pH than dogs. There is a wide range of possibilities. A de-parasite is useful in order to get rid of fleas. You must also have a toothbrush, with a tube of toothpaste, a nail clipper, and everything that's necessary for cleaning ears and eyes. The dog must be dried right after the shower, to avoid bad smell f the hair or any illness.

Dog Medicines: It is necessary to have a basic medicine kit with alcohol, some saline solution, petroleum jelly, etc. Medicines must be got with a vet prescription.

Dog toys:A dog plays during all of its life, which is why toys are always convenient. There is a wide range of toys in the market, and you need to focus on the age and breed of you dog if you want to choose the right toys. Be careful your dog is not allergic to the toys' material. There are toys that help cleaning the teeth. Many dogs will enjoy biting balls and running after them.

Dog Muzzle: These are not only for biting dogs. In fact, it is advisable to use them in stressing situations in which the animal might feel intimidated or annoyed, when traveling or visiting the vet, for example. Breeds that are considered dangerous must wear a muzzle and leash in public places. Be careful not to use it too much, though especially in summer, when the dog needs to balance its body temperature by breathing.

Car Dog Accessories: For the dog to travel more comfortably, there are: Protection needs that separate the front of the car form the back.Seat Safety Harness Belt
Special rags that offer the dog a comfortable place to sit on. Grilles for the windows, so the dog can enjoy the air but not take its head out of the window.

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