Dog Aggression Caused by Pain

Dog aggression due to pain: Pain can be recognized as a stimulus of aggression, and as a protective process, the dog responds defensively by attacking when he is in pain.It is very common to see this type of reaction in a dog that has been hit by a car that in a state of confusion, pain or shock, does not accept the closeness of a person that tries to help him because he feels threatened again. It is possible also for the most loving and submissive dog to growl and even bite his owner as a consequence of intense pain or even asimple wound that needs to get touched in order to heal it etc. Because of this factor the owner must take certain measures so that an aggression does not occur. Keep in mind that these violent reactions are almost always involuntary and are caused because of the dogs fear and insecurity. Approach the wounded dog as gently as possible, instilling trust and confidence into him. Rub the dog in places that are not sensitive and away from the wounds or lesions. Slowly place your hand in the area the dog has his wound to tend to it but avoid causing the dog more pain. As you are attending to the wound make sure you talk to the dog and calm him down. The slightest demonstration of dominance by an owner that is not aware of the dogs anxiety, fear and pain will cause an inevitable reaction of aggression from the dog. Remember that sometimes the dog's sensitiveness is trigger by its fear and pain.

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