Dog Agility Course - Stopping obstacles

There's only one obstacle in this dog agility course, and it is a table. The dog training command then should be "table". Now we know the four groups and the commands for each, we must practice them separately, in order to avoid the trouble it would mean to the dog to see them all to close and get confuse by their proximity. Once the command is understood, we must teach the dog to work ahead of us, so we will be able to gain time in a competition. Little by little, we will intercalate obstacles to test the dog's memory. Once we finish with this, it is time to start with the whole set of obstacles.

During dog agility training sessions, we must never forget that one of the most important aspects in this discipline is the link between the animal and its owner, which is why teamwork is so important.

We will train once a week. This doesn't mean the dog will not do more exercise daily. The best days for training are Saturday and Sunday, due to the fact that, as agility is about having fun, we will be able to forget all of our problems during the weekend.
We must try and never skip training, as we w3ill never be able to enjoy ability if we are not serious about it.

First, we must look for an agility centre in order to train in the best conditions. This way, we can also watch other dogs that practice agility too, from which we will be able to learn many things. Training will also be more fun if it is practised with other animals. If there isn't an agility centre near your house, build your own: you just need a plain piece of land and the obstacles. However, it is best if you can train your dog in a centre that is prepared for these activities. We have already mentioned the importance of getting used to noise and else, as if the dog is used to them, its performance in ability will be a success. It is also very important for the dog to get used to deal with other animals. At the beginning, training can be hard, but with time, the dog will learn to sort out the obstacles even with its eyes closed.

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