Dog Agility Training Course

We have already said Dog Agility Training and testing was born in 1978, as a demonstration for entertaining the public at the Crufts Dog Show. Afterwards, the English kennel Club perfected the tests and established a set of regulations for them.

FCI's regulations
The Agility Commission of the Federation Cynologique Internationale, in a meeting in October 1989, in Strasbourg formulated the Agility Regulations. Since then these regulations have been recognized, as official in every country that is an affiliate member of the FCI:

Objectives of Agility, according FCI
Agility is an open discipline, for any kind of dog: small or large, pure or crossbreed. A dog will have to go through the circuit in which it will have to sort out many obstacles. The objective of the test is to value the intelligence and speed of the dog. Agility is a game that favors integration in the society of members who practice it.

This discipline implicates harmony between the dog and its owner, and perfect understanding as a team. This means it is necessary for the participants to own the elemental basis of education and obedience.

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