Dog Agility Training Practice

Agility training was born in England, and it could be compared to the equine jumping. Participant dogs must show a high level of obedience, docility and flexibility, just as a great memory to remember the obstacles. They will also have to know how to control themselves, as well as the speed of their performance. At last, they will have to show a notable spirit.It is imperative to count with a faultless relation between the dog and its conductor; they will have to become one being. Agility improves the dog emotionally and physically, as much as the owner's. Agility is fun, for not only is it fun for the spectator, but also for the dog and the owner.

People who watch an Agility contest for the first time feel an enormous desire to practice this discipline.

Naturally we cannot forget a good mutual understanding between the dog and its conductor is the product of hard training.

Luckily, there are agility clubs in almost every country of the world.

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