Dog Allergies - Mosquito Bites

Certain swellings distributed around the body, which appear suddenly and make your dog look like a leper, are provoked by allergies, in other words hypersensitive reactions. It is not always easy to find the cause. Maybe it's a medication, a bite, sting or peck, or perhaps a new kind of food. If the dog start looking sick, the veterinarian should tell you what to do or he will apply an injection or pills.

Dog mosquito Bites: The list of cures for mosquito bites is quite long. More than one dog has returned home after a walk in the fields with his head or a leg swollen only to suffer the torture of being cut, bandaged and suctioned in the area of the bite. In such cases, it would probably be a mosquito bite. But, although your dog happens to encounter with one of the scarce snakes, the snake should have more reasons to be afraid than him. Even so, if in spite of everything he does get bitten by one and is in pain, it would be best to take him to the veterinarian as a security measure. Do not try to treat him yourself.

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