Dog Allergies Symptoms & Dog Food Poisoning Symptom

Dog Allergies: Some animals can react to some substances like lactose (the specific sugar in milk), gluten (protein contained in some cereals), eggs or fruits that are too sour. The affected organism reacts with diarrhea and vomiting. In case we cannot identify the allergenic factor, the owner must administer an adequate diet or prepare a hypoallergenic regime in which all the elements that are susceptible to provoke an allergic reaction are eliminated.

Dog Poisoning by a liquid: The enteritis, the painful gastric problems or sudden diarrhea could lead us to the contamination of the water. In general, when it is about public health, the authorities inform us about the problem and tell us not to consume the contaminated water. Another potential danger is the water canals that feed the house. The dog is directly exposed to lead poisoning by the water tubes since it can only drink tap water.

Dog Poisoning by a solid element: Intoxication can often be produced by expired, rotten or contaminated food, a food substance (incorrect proportion, particular toxicity, ingestion of toxic plants) or chemical (medication, maintenance product or garden products).

Specific Dog Feeding

Dietetic and Regime: Each age has different necessities which we have to respect as much as we can. Nevertheless, there are few owners that remember this when the time comes because they are convinced that their prepared food is enough. When dog's food regime is adequate, the situation can be correct and we can change the animal's food regime.

The quantities, but especially the composition of the ration, will have to be revised with the goal of adapting the energetic and nutritious necessities. Whatever the reason is that makes us change the regime, the vet will be the one to make the last decision about this. The three great stages in life

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