Dog Artificial Respiration

Dog artificial respiration: If your dog is not breathing then you need to begin AR immediately. Follow these steps to successfully perform mouth to mouth on your dog. Make sure that your dog's tongue is not in the way by pulling it out of its mouth and letting it lay to the side of its mouth. Check that there is nothing causing a blockage to your dog's airways. If your dog has water in its lungs place it with its head down to drain out the water.
Once you are sure that your dog airways are not blocked, place it on its right side and lay its head and neck down so that it is looking forward. Make a "funnel" with your hands over your dog's mouth and nose and blow into this. Blow firmly and continuously for about three seconds (the dog's size will affect the amount of time needed) into the dogs mouth and nose so that its lungs fill with air. Wait for two seconds and repeat. Continue until your dog resumes breathing on its own.

Dog cardio-pulmonary resuscitation: If your dog's heart should stop beating you must give it CPR if you hope for it to have any chance of survival.
The size of the dog will affect the positioning of your hands and the amount of pressure that you exert on its chest. To perform CPR on your dog follow these steps. Put the heel of your palm on the side of your dog's chest, right behind the elbow of its front leg. Place your other hand on top of the first and firmly but vigorously push downwards with a good amount of force. Repeat three times in quick succession and then give your dog one breath. Continue alternating in this way push, push, push, breath. One cycle should take about five seconds with each push being approximately one second and then the breath being two seconds long. Make sure to breath with enough force to fill your dog's lungs. Even once your dog's heart begins beating again you may still need to continue to perform AR on it while you are waiting for emergency medical assistance.

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