Dog Bad Breath in Dogs

The CAUSES of Bad Breath in Dogs can be due to the condition of the teeth and gums, food between the teeth or itsdiet. For good basic dog DENTAL HYGIENE have your dog's teeth checked regularly by your vet so that tartar build-up and decay is controlled as this can cause bad breath in the dog UseRAWmeaty bones like brisket bones, mutton or beef knuckle bones, etc as a meal REPLACEMENT at least TWICE a week, for healthy teeth and gums. Do not cook the bones as they could cause impaction (constipation) or perforation of the bowel wall. The diet can cause bad breath especially if fed decaying raw meat. A lot of tinned food brands also cause bad breath. Old bones and food scrapes that the dog buries and eats later also can cause a temporary bad breath. So, keep the yard clean of old scraps and only feed fresh clean food, in clean dishes! For chronic bad breath charcoal can help. It is available in tablet, biscuit or powder form. Also adding digestive enzymes to the diet can help. Selected foods available from your vet which aid digestion and reduce odours will also help.

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