Dog Ball Games. Dog Game for Kid

Games that constitute jumping, chasing or running after the ball, the dog exercises his movements, as well as developing their capacity of reaction and faculty of three-dimensional perception.

The firm rubber balls are the most appropriate ones to throw and let them roll. The way to play and the techniques vary depending on the hunting dogs: the ball gets thrown at the dog or rolled at the opposite direction in different velocities; you let the ball bounce off the dogs sight range or over some irregularity in the terrain (raise his incentive by keeping the ball under control) and you can combine it with the orders of fetch and bring it. Start with short tosses. Never throw the ball directly at the dog, cause it can hurt him as he tries to grab it.

Struggle with big Balls, light ones filled with air get the dogs enthusiastic: toss the ball at mid height at the dog, which should jump up and hit at it with his muzzle returning it to you. Careful with a hard floor: many dogs will fall and hurt themselves badly, just trying to hit ball.

Important: use balls filled up with air only for training, because the dog can bite them and swallow them (danger of suffocation). The Game of Passing the Ball, Running at it and Playing Football (with their paws or muzzles)

Make the delights to any dog, especially if the main player is his owner. Don't allow the dog in his excitement to bite at shoes or pants, if so break the rhythm of the game, block the ball or finish the game with <sit!>.

In games of running: between several people (maximum 3, because more people only confuse the dog) you can send the dog from one person to another, always chasing the tossed ball. With each change of position you have to let him play with the ball for a little while or motivate him with a candy.

Note: never deceive a dog intentionally, not even playing. For example, acting as throwing the ball but making it disappears behind your back.

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