Dog Barking - Understand - Control - Stop

Generally puppies that have to stay alone in the house bark and howl to get attention, there are even puppy's that have not let up until their owners have come back home! Obviously this kind of behavior is not enjoyable for the neighbors so it's convenient to teach a puppy to not bark while alone.
Remember to prize your puppy by petting or by giving him a cookie (dog cookie) whenever he behaves correctly and responds well to training.
The minute your dog starts whining when you are on your way out the door, grab at his mouth with your hands and say "No!" or "Quiet!". Then leave the room and wait for a few minutes; if the puppy begins to bark again bang your hand up against the door. Don't go in, not even to correct him, otherwise he will associate his barking with you coming back.
Keep in mind that puppies, especially the smaller breeds, hate being left alone and they are afraid of being left alone and abandoned. Remember that before coming into your home that puppy was under the care of his mother who kept him warm, and who fed him along with his other brothers and sisters; now he is alone in an place that is just starting to learn about.
Try, as much as possible to avoid your puppy from getting and feeling scared by making his area the most comfortable possible. At night, provide some light for the puppy so that he is not sitting in the dark, place his doghouse in a quiet place away from strange noises, you can even give him a little company by leaving the radio on quietly. Doing these little things can all help calm him down.

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