Dog Barking

A barking dog offers protection and serves as an excellent alarm. If your dog has learned to "speak" when you order him to do so, you will not only be able to say when the animal can bark, but also when he must remain silent. Once your dog learns that he can only bark under specific circumstances, you will be able to teach him to bark when receiving the order or when hearing certain noises such as the fire alarm or noises outside the window. At first, you should reward your dog with food or toys; after that, congratulate him with words.

1. Tie his leash to a fence or a post and stay at a distance of about one meter. Show the dog a toy but without giving it to the animal and give him a prize when he barks out of frustration.

2. Put the toy aside and change the prize which, instead of food, could be a "good" when the dog barks, but give him a food prize every now and then.

3. Order him to "bark" as soon as he barks and then give the toy as reward. This might sound strange, but here it is essential to give the orders in the right moment. If you observe the dog's body language, you will be able to notice when he is going to bark.

4. When the dog understands the order to "bark" give him the order to "shut up" when he is barking. Give your dog the toy when he stops barking, but take it back if he keeps on barking.

5. After teaching the dog to bark or to remain silent when you are near, walk a little away from him. Repeat the exercise patiently from the beginning, until the dog is able to obey you.

6. Go back towards the dog and reward him by offering him his favorite toy. Repeat the exercise until the dog responds, always rewarding him every now and then while he is still tied. Then let the dog free and continue training him, this time untied.

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