Why do Dogs Bark: why won't my dog bark

Some dogs, like Greyhounds, rarely bark, while others, like the Chihuahua, may be extremely noisy. Understanding why do dogs bark is often related to the breed. Why won't mydog bark? Well It is said that the Basenji does not bark, but really these dogs are able to produce a strange sound despite the small size of their larynx.Dogs bark for very different reasons, from excitement to fear. The characteristic bark of hunting dogs has, probably, a more specific reason, as having members of the pack in contact. Growling, instead, is a clear aggressive warning, while howling, normally, indicates a way of calling the attention of a grown dog. This sound is rarely done with other dogs, but puppies use it to indicate they are cold or in anguish. Dogs are capable of hearing sounds of a higher frequency than people, so they can detect whistles for dogs that can't be heard by human beings.

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