Dog Bath & Dog Shampoo

Choosing the Dog Bath Shampoo: Before a good dog bath, first, we must know that the dog's skin, as well as the human skin is covered by a tissue that protects it from external aggressions (cold, humidity, bacteria and fungi). Dog shampoos have physical properties that allow keeping such tissue. We must never use the same shampoo that we use, because the dog's skin is more alkaline with a pH of 7,5 to 8. Therefore, the dog must have its own shampoo. Also, when choosing the type of shampoo we will have to choose the more adequate one depending on the dog's type of hair (long, short, hard, rough, etc.) and know that some types of breeds have more sensitive skin than others. For example, the shampoos with different oils are indicated for different types of dogs that have a lot or little hair. Also, they have the property of reinforcing, without hardening hair and they make brushing easier.

How and When to Bath the Dog

The puppy loses its fluff between the fourth and seventh month of life, which is substitute by the definitive hair. The puppy can be bathed when it is two months old, without abusing of the shampoo. The best thing to do is bath your dog every two months.

Dry shampoo is a valid option to recuperate rapidly the animal's beauty between baths or when the animal must not get wet. Old Dog Care

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