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The help and experience of hairdressers from dog grooming salons is essential for those willing to present their dogs in exhibitions. Hairdressers also wash them.
A hairdresser will wash my dog? What is their job? Washing the dog is often part of a hairdresser's work. Some breeds with long and silky hair use to have it embroiled and in some cases it would be necessary to trim it. Hairdressers will concentrate on clearing up and combing the hair, before taking a bath. Never wash the dog with embroiled hairs, afterwards it would be harder to take it off, and much more painful to him. Usually, more frequent clients of these saloons are those breeds whose hair needs and adequate cutting off. Frequency varies according to breeds. For example, Poodles need their hair to be cut frequently, at least twice a month, as well as other dogs that do not shed hair. Some styles of hair cutting are known as "lamb cut", and is very much of the liking of Poodle's owners. The hair is cut off at a uniform length, short or long.The "Dutch" style is more attractive, with the short hair of the body contrasting the long hair of the legs. The most difficult hair cut is known as "lion look", usually seen only at canine exhibitions, cause demands more time and is much more expensive. Some other breeds may need a hair cutting depending on the year's season. Old English Shepherd with his thick hair, could fare very well with a short one in the hottest months. If you have a Spaniel, you can cut his hair every two or three months. Likewise, you should carefully watch the hair between the ties; in this zone are the exocrine sudorific glands, and the skin could be a source of irritation, and a hiding place for mites, with similar effects. Hair cutting could be necessary for medical reasons, like diarrhea, that otherwise will dirty the hair around the anus, attracting flies that will place their eggs causing an infection known as the fly attack. Most terriers with rough hair need to be sheared twice a year. This task can be done by hand, or using and instrument known as the little shearing machine, but even if an expert does it, it's a tough and slow job. As we can see, exhibition of breeds like the Airedale Terrier, demand great dedication; so there's no better option than to do it with your hands. Many Terriers, including the smallest and White West Highland Scottish, have a hair cut with very delicate scissors, once their hair is abundant.

At what age should I cut my poodle's hair? You can start around twelve weeks of age. It's important that they get used to the sound and feeling of the electric machine while they are still puppies. For young Poodles, the "puppy look" style is the most appropriated, similar to the "lamb look". If you are interested in learning to cut your dog's hair, then assist to hair-dressers courses that are advertised in dog's magazines. The Traveling Dog

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