Dog Behavior Problems

Puppies become adults and can develop dog behavior problems once a it has gone over the stage of puberty, he completes his development both physically and in conduct as well. This is when the mature dog stage begins and actually, where the conduct and temperament of a dog must be defined and completed. The care and raising, as well as the experiences that a dog has lived during his growing stage, will be reflected on the dog. If a dog has been properly raised you will be able to see this in how sociable he is, if he has a good temperament, and if he is lively and obedient, all of which are necessary to be able to live with humans.

There are however, some problems that could arise, and if these are taken care of right away, they can be corrected quickly and effectively. No animals should do their needs just anywhere or be excessively fearful, aggressive or destructive.

Following are some problematic Dog Behavior Problems and conducts to keep in mind are if:

  • The dog growls and snarls at people.
  • The dog is excessively fearful and hides anywhere.
  • The dog is uptight and has a destructive behavior.
  • The dog urinates and defecates where he shouldn't.
  • The dog barks and eats excessively.
  • The dog hurts himself.
  • The dog tries to mount objects and people.

If your dog shows any of these signs, it's pretty clear that you need to take him to get checked by your veterinarian in order for him or her to identify the problem and be able to determine the appropriate treatment.

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