Dog Behavior Problems. Advice from the vet

Dog Conduct & behavior problems or education problems?
Problems can arise in some puppies that have become adults, buy usually are a consequence of wrong education. It's fundamental to understand well the development periods of the puppy to evaluate is evolution is correct.Conduct problems may be caused by environment's traumas, and by his development since his first days. Many of these problems originate in his first moments of life. Therefore, you have to be well informed about his origins, and way of life, before buying him. The balance between the puppy and the future adult will only exist if his psychological and physical needs are well supplied. How to act? Start by learning the periods, phases and fears he experiences. Birth, life with his mother and brothers, arriving to a new family and starting new relations, are some of the experiences he has to pass through. Stay at his side, without avoiding these experiences. That's the hard task of a dog's owner.
Obviously the owner wants happiness for his dog, but, perhaps; that's the real problem? Is he wealthy enough to give him everything he needs? Does not think too much in himself? What matters is to be conscious that a dog is not a psycho therapy for the owner. The owner should learn to watch his dog and to impose him limits, with due respect to his nature. The dog's behavior is the result of the association between instinctive and acquired conducts, from the mother, the owner, and his own experiences. The natural and social environment is basic, cause it molds his development. Any negative influence will mark him forever. Dogs are all different; owners too. Suitabilitybetween owner and dog is the basis to prevent behavior problems. Socialization and hierarchy are two basic notions to establish a correct communication system between dog and his congeners or man. Communication is, for all, the basis of a social life balance. Education uses socialization, communication and permits getting a perfect dog.

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