Dog Behavioral Disorders

The constant living together with your dog will lead you to knowing him really well. You know how he demonstrates his happiness, pain, and sadness. But, perhaps, you might have been faced with a behavioral change, which is difficult to classify and, even, gets you kind of worried.In the following section I will describe some syndromes, descriptions of which will help you better and faster interpret any strange conduct your dog has adopted. This might help you avoid making, maybe, a wrong or late decision.

Teckel paralysis
We've already talked about this affliction previously. When it appears all of a sudden, you should suspect of an alteration to the nervous system. The strong pains and the limitations in his movements make your dog aggressive and unpredictable. The causes of the affliction have to, obviously, be attacked.

Indifference, incomprehension, or even applying a punishment on your behalf will only make matters worse.

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