Dog Biting Children. Stop Dog Biting Behavior

Dog biters or predators: When a dog bites an adult or child, it is important to analyze all of the circumstances that induced the dog to act this way, before labeling the dog as a "biter" or a "killer". A lot of times these types of biting dogs are dominant, jealous, not well trained, and show a defensive attitude when they are bothered or irritated over and over again. There are jealous dogs that attack to compete for their owners love and favor, such as in the case when dogs attack babies. Dogs sometimes see babies as rivals that are taking their owners from them and whom are now putting all their attention in the baby, and it causes the dog to receive a strong emotional shock he was not prepared for. A dog that is stressed due to the supposed loss of care and favor, can react aggressively towards a baby, and this is why it is extremely important for the dog to be near and in the same environment of his owners as well as with the baby so that the dog does not feel left out and for him to turn into the baby's protector instead.

Dogs and children: Aggressive animals are used to chasing mobile objects, especially when they turn from one place to the next. When a dog becomes an adult it turns into an expert predator and it can actually come to kill a child that passes by running or playing, because it can lead the dog to think that it is his prey. In these types of circumstances the reaction of the dog is so impulsive that he does not even respond to the owner's command to stop. This type of conduct is clearly related to a hunting and predator behavior.For this reason, it is extremely important that the owners of dogs keep their small children in separate places from the dog when they are playing to avoid lamentable accidents from occurring.

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