Dog Body & Muscle Care

It's very important that the growth stage of a dog is watched and taken proper care of so that the puppy will be able to develop strong and firm bones. In order to avoid any future muscular, skeletal or arterial malfunctions you must periodically check the following things:

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Feeding
  • Weight
  • Place where the dog does his exercise and daily activities.

In the last point we mentioned the place where the dog does his exercise and daily activities. And this is a point that must be highlighted, as physical activity is something that is a must for all dogs. Not getting the proper exercise can cause a dog to become obese and this can bring about a whole range of problems that could even threaten the dog's life. Talk to your veterinarian about your specific breed because some dogs require more exercise than others.

Whenever taking your dog out on a walk or to the park, you must always put a leash and collar on him. It's not recommendable to let your dog off the leash, as the there are a number of dangers that could occur to a dog (or that he could cause) that has not been properly trained such as:

  • Attacking other animals or humans, as well as getting attacked by other animals.
  • Coming in contact with animals that are sick and becoming infected, or finding other dog's waste.
  • Having an accident on the street, etc

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