Dog Body Language

Mans influence over the mental structure of a dog is increasing continually and during it's evolution dogs have acquired new mechanisms to communicate in their own way through sounds and body language. Dog really enjoy having contact with people and they have enough intelligence to be able to understand humans such as their feelings and words by using exact analysis of the small details we do. If we compare all the different animals that use their voice we could say that dogs have more elasticity and have more ability to use it. A dog is able to express a lot of things with the sound of his voice such as happiness, anger, sadness, boredom and pain. Besides this, they also have and effective way of communicating with us that not only involves their voice but their body as well. They let us know what they

want by the way they move their body, their postures and odors. They demonstrate this starting from their head down to their tails. Dogs also use messages and codes that other dogs are able to understand as well. When a female dog is going to give birth we are able to tell by the way she twists her head and by the way her ears stand up. A dog that has is alert points his ears forward. When a dog's ears are back and stuck to his head is scared. Open in horizontal position with his head down indicates a possible attack. When a dog had a tranquil quite look in his eyes and his head is firm, he is trying to dominate. Eyebrows up with large pupils means threat. If he refuses to look at you it means he wants to run away. Ears and eyebrows slightly back means he lacks insecurity. If his lips are up and he shows his teeth while growling it means he wants to attack.

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